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This uncannily prescient sci-fi thriller stars James Woods as the programmer of a late-night TV station searching for the ultimate, taboo-busting program that will draw jaded audiences in search of something edgy and new. Deborah Harry is a talk radio show host who gets snared in his increasingly hallucinatory nightmare.

Combining his curiosity about technology with his fascination with the human body, Cronenberg comes up with a film that defies categorization — a sci-fi head-trip with dollops of gruesome violence. His first film released by a major studio (Universal Pictures), “Videodrome” remains a fascinating look at the melding of human flesh with technology, a topic that is even more relevant in the era of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

“Never coherent and frequently pretentious, the film remains an audacious attempt to place obsessive personal images before a popular audience — a kind of Kenneth Anger version of Star Wars.” — Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader


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