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MDC’s Miami Film Festival is proud to partner with the Cosford Cinema to present a program of 5 exemplary short documentaries, competing for the Short Documentary Film Award, Sponsored by the University of Miami School of Communication. Below are the five films in the program:


American Scar

Director: Daniel Lombroso Producers: Soo-Jeong KangYara BisharaStephania Taladrid, and Melissa Fajardo Runtime: 13 min Country: USA Language: English

Dynamite blasts echo through canyons as construction for the southern border threatens flora and fauna for centuries to come.


Firelei Báez: An Open Horizon (or) the Stillness of a Wound

Director: Souki Mehdaoui Producer: Hannah Swayze Runtime: 8 min Country: USA Language: English

Exquisitely detailed and vibrantly colored, artist Firelei Báez’s paintings of dramatically shapeshifting figures assert the power of the female form and challenge fundamental ideas around beauty and agency. Working in her Bronx, New York studio, Firelei creates a series of paintings that draw upon the rich folklore and colonial history of the Dominican Republic, where she was born and raised. Shot primarily on 16mm film and featuring original choreography, the film mirrors Firelei’s own lush style and follows the artist as she paints in her studio and travels through her Bronx neighborhood.


Melting Snow

Director: Janah Elise Producers: Janah EliseAllison Ferner Runtime: 8 minutes Country: USA Language: English, Spanish

Crafted from over 70 years of archival footage, Melting Snow is a lyrical retelling of an erased history, inspired by the director’s grandparents’ emigration from Puerto Rico to the South Bronx. The film centers around the 1952 event during which the mayor of San Juan partnered with Eastern Airlines to transport two tons of snow from New Hampshire to Puerto Rico as a gift, meant to enchant Puerto Ricans with a white, American Christmas. As the spectacle unfolds, we understand Puerto Rico’s colonial predicament condensed in the empty gift. Water tracks the diaspora to the mainland, taking on various forms as it completes its natural hydrologic cycle, as a visual illustration of colonialism backwards and forwards in time; from the fading mirage of melting snow to an approaching hurricane Maria, washing away the fiction of America as a paternalistic colonial power.



Directors: Nasir Bailey and Jackson Kroopf Producer: Jackson Kroopf Runtime: 16:54 Country: USA Language: English

Nasir, a trans musician, comes out to several family members over the phone, as he recounts the steps towards his decision to transition, and composes a song to himself.


The Originals

Directors: Cristina Costantini Alfie Koetter Producers: Cristina Costantini and Alfie Koetter Executive Producers: Bryn MooserKathryn EverettWalter Woodman Runtime: 10 minutes Country: USA Language: English

In September 2012, Cristina Costantini and Alfie Koetter moved into a brownstone apartment on Union Street in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. It didn’t take long for them to fall in love with the neighborhood and their landlord, Matty “Square” Ruggiero. Ten years later and now living across the country, Cristina and Alfie get back in touch with Matty to hear him and his childhood friends, the Union Street Boys, tell their story of what it was like to grow up in South Brooklyn, where money was tight but friendships were tighter.


Sponsored by the University of Miami School of Communication.

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