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ESPAÑA, LA PRIMERA GLOBALIZACIÓN | DIRECTED BY: José Luis López-Linares | SPAIN | 2021 | 1H 30M | NOT RATED | In Spanish with English subtitles

At the end of the 16th century, China concentrates a quarter of the world’s population and represents 40% of the planet’s wealth. In 1580, the emperor’s secretary, Zhang Juzheng, completely changed the tax system, changing the unit of collection from rice to silver. But there was a problem: China had no money. Only the Spaniards, already established in Manila, were able to meet this need in a stable manner and with quality guarantees, thanks to the silver from America. This confluence of interests connected the two most powerful economies in the world at that time: the Hispanic and the Chinese, the Austrians and the Ming. In a few decades from East to West, the world becomes aware of its shape, and the Hispanic monarchy becomes the engine of an unprecedented globalization. The history of the Spanish empire is unknown to most Spaniards; it’s good to finally know its worth. There is no other story that can compare.


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