The Cosford Cinema is ecstatic to present celebrated filmmaker Fatih Akin’s cinematic trilogy: LOVE, DEATH and THE DEVIL. In tandem with the Miami Premiere of Akin’s latest film THE CUT, a gripping, modern epic about the Armenian genocide, the Cosford Classics series will present Akin’s classic films HEAD ON (2004) and THE EDGE OF HEAVEN (2007) on 35mm film. It has taken over a decade for Akin to complete his trilogy and now it can be seen in completion at the Cosford.


40-year-old Cahit is brought to German psychiatric clinic after attempting suicide and sets out to start a new life, even as he longs for drugs and alcohol to numb his pain. Sibel is young, pretty and, like Cahit, Turkish-German. She lives a lifestyle that is a bit too wild for her devout, conservative Muslim family and fakes a suicide attempt to try and escape them. But the incident brings shame upon her family, who insist that only marriage can save her. Sibel begs Cahit to marry her and he reluctantly agrees, perhaps in an effort to save her and to find meaning in his own life. Initially the two share an apartment and little else as Sibel sees other men and Cahit continues to have flings with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. Gradually, however, Cahit begins to fall in love with Sibel and she, in turn, comes to realize that she loves him – but not before an incident of jealous violence tests this fledgling romance. When Cahit is sent to jail and Sibel flees to Turkey, her heart, mind and soul remain with him – but for how long?

Directed by Fatih Akin.
Germany/Turkey. 122minutes. 35mm
2004. German and Turkish with English Subtitles.


Fatih Akin, the critically-acclaimed director of HEAD-ON, weaves overlapping tales of friendship and sexuality into a powerful narrative of universal love. Six characters are drawn together by circumstances-an old man and a prostitute forging a partnership, a young scholar reconciling his past, two young women falling in love, and a mother putting the shattered pieces of her life back together. Akin’s piercing sense of the human condition and contemporary world events charge these hyperlinked stories into a multi-cultural powder keg.

Directed by Fatih Akin.
Germany/Turkey. 116minutes. 35mm Film.
2007. German with English Subtitles.


THE CUT is Fatih Akin’s epic drama about one man’s journey through the Ottoman Empire after surviving the 1915 Armenian genocide. Deported from his home in Mardin, Nazareth (Tahar Rahim, A PROPHET) moves onwards as a forced laborer. When he learns that his twin daughters may still be alive, his hope is revived and he travels to America, via Cuba, to find them. His search takes him from the Mesopotamian deserts and Havana to the barren and desolate prairies of North Dakota. On this odyssey, he encounters a range of very different people: angelic and kind-hearted characters, but also the devil incarnate.

Directed by Fatih Akin.
Germany/Turkey. 138minutes. 2k Digital Projection.
2015. English, Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and Spanish with English Subtitles.

In addition, the Cosford Classics series will present a 35mm screening of Charlie Chaplin’s THE KID (1921), which is featured in Akin’s THE CUT.


One heaves rocks through windows. The other happens by in the nick of time to offer his services as an expert window repairman. It’s a system that works. So does everything else about this beloved Chaplin classic whose blend of laughs and pathos changed the notion of what a screen comedy could be. For the first time as a filmmaker, Chaplin stepped into feature-length storytelling with this tale of the down-but-never-out Tramp (Chaplin) and the adorable ragamuffin (6-year-old Jackie Coogan) who, rescued as a foundling and raised in the School of Hard Knocks by the Tramp, is his inseparable sidekick.

Directed by Charlie Chaplin.
USA. 54minutes. 35mm Film.
1921. B+W. Silent.