About UMIFF (The UM Italian Film Festival)

Whenever the topic of Italian Cinema comes into general discourse, the names of I Maestri usually come into mind, and rightfully so: Fellini, Antonioni, De Sica, Visconti, Rossellini and so on. Others refer to films such as La vita è bella and Cinema paradiso as more contemporary examples of Italian Cinema, keeping in mind that the most recent of the aforementioned films came about a little over 17 years ago.

Due to this, minds collided and merged in the Fall of 2011 to create a film series intended to expand on that knowledge by portraying the works of a new generational wave of directors, whose films explore the current changes and realities in Italian culture of the 21st century. The series also seeks to honor some well-established directors who have had to adapt their works to better reflect the ever-changing Italy of today, whilst maintaining their artistic integrity.

Now reaching the end of its 3rd year, the UM Italian Film Festival, or UMIFF, as it is dearly called, has grown little by little, focusing not only on popular films, but independent projects as well. The key to the success of the UMIFF has been hard-work, persistence and a passion for contemporary cinema. It is a privilege to have our films screened at the Cosford Cinema.

Please note that our original goal will never change: To offer the community a chance to experience our nation’s modern attempts of cinematic expression, FREE of charge.
We hope you will enjoy our film selections and, as we say in Italian before every screening, Buona visione!

For more information contact UMIFF@miami.edu

Wednesday, January 29 – 6:30PM

What’s a girl to do? It’s a man’s world, especially on this small island in southern Italy, and the easiest thing to do is just follow the rules. If you’re married, your husband is going to call the shots. If you are an unmarried woman living at home with your parents, your mother will be doing that. If you are the town prostitute, living with the town’s disdain puts a damper on your freedom to do as you please. It couldn’t hurt to have couple of friends to die for…

Directed by Giorgia Farina.
Italy. 93minutes. Digital Projection.
2013. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, February 12 – 6:30PM

Leo is 16. He has wild hair and a habit of dividing life up into colors. Everything he can’t stand is white: school, teachers, silence, fear. Everything he loves is red: music on his iPod, his soccer team, the blood in his veins. And the color of Beatrice’s hair… she’s the most beautiful girl at school and he watches her from a distance, in utter adoration. Leo’s dream is Beatrice. The girl who has leukemia. Do dreams die? Is love any stronger than death?

Directed by Giacomo Campiotti.
Italy. 102minutes. Digital Projection.
2013. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, February 26 – 6:30PM

After her mother’s death, frumpy forty-something Caterina (Margherita Buy) clears out the family beach house. The house is filled with memories of a childhood interrupted by the father’s disappearance 30 years prior; a broken family that never reassembled. When using an old phone to call home, she shockingly realizes that she is speaking to her 12-year-old self, a week before the death of her father. She’s been given a second chance, if not to save him then at least to uncover the truth. Using the twist not for time-travel balderdash, but simply to explore the relationship that a woman — and, as it turns out, a nation — has with a painful and enigmatic past.

Directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli.
Italy. 95minutes. Digital Projection.
2013. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, March 5 – 6:30PM

Andrea is a handsome and successful guy in his late thirties who is living like a guy in his early twenties. He’s a superficial ladies man who works for an ad agency as a sly way to meet models. Life is great. Then comes a knock at his door and a pretty young girl asking for him; this time however the pretty young girl claims to be his daughter. She has been living all these years in a van along with grandfather, a self-proclaimed ex-rock star. The product of a one-night stand barely remembered will rock his world… literally.

Directed by Edoardo Leo.
Italy. 106minutes. Digital Projection.
2013. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, March 19 – 6:30PM

The body of young girl is found beside an alpine lake in northern Italy. Sanzio (Toni Servillo, THE GREAT BEAUTY), a middle aged police officer, is in charge of the investigation. Sanzio is almost at retirement age and balances his work with an ill wife who fails to recognize him due to mental illness. In this apparently quiet town, Sanzio, pursued by his own personal demons, will find out more than the truth in this contemporary giallo.

Directed by Andrea Molaioli.
Italy. 95minutes. Digital Projection.
2007. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, April 2 – 6:30PM

The “massacre of Piazza Fontana” was a kind of an Italian “September 11”, with an attack occurring on December 12, 1969, destroying the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura di Milano and killing 17 people and injuring 88, hence making a profound mark on the future of a democracy which was still in its early days and was the archetypical crime after which sons, symbolically, no longer believed their fathers. It is a film that serves to explain the story and the truth. The tools of literature, cinema, art, have the ability to touch on chords which politics cannot touch. It is an event that many, including the director, believe that the younger generations have a right to know. This intense thriller based on real life is a tragedy that has become part of the DNA of the Italy’s history and a story that deserves to be told.

Directed by Marco Tullio Giordana.
Italy. 129minutes. Digital Projection.
2012. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

Wednesday, April 16 – 6:30PM

Letizia is the beautiful princess of an imaginary kingdom similar to Monaco. Her mother and grandmother were fashion icons and media darlings, but she’s become a cloistered sovereign, cut off from her subjects and in need of some good press. Her Chamberlain has a plan: to find an ordinary guy, get the tabloids to catch her falling in love with him, and then accuse him of cheating on her and leave him at the altar.

Directed by Alessandro Siani.
Italy. 97minutes. Digital Projection.
2013. Color. Italian with English Subtitles.

The series is supported in part by funds from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in support of the Italian language and culture. University of Miami Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Ministero degli Affari Esteri Ambasciata d’Italia, Washington DC. 2013 Anno Della Cultura Italiana. Consolato Generale D’Italia.