Launched in 2006 as a joint effort by the UM Alumni Office and Ethics Programs, the Ethics in Film Series provides an opportunity to view contemporary films and discuss the ethical issues they raise. Expanded to include the School of Communication in 2007, and supported by the Arsht Ethics Initiatives, the Ethics in Film Series has become a popular annual series. In 2009, the series was merged with the Ethics Programs’ longstanding environmental ethics program.

Screenings are free and open to the public as well as members of the UM community.

Films are followed by commentary and analysis by faculty and/or community experts. Audience participation is encouraged in what makes for a lively debate and intellectual exchange. There will be four Tuesday evening screenings during the 2013 Ethics Film Series this fall: September 17, October 1, and October 8.

GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS – September 17 – 6:30PM

Times are tough in a Chicago real-estate office; the salesmen (Shelley Levene, Ricky Roma, Dave Moss, and George Aaronow) are given a strong incentive by Blake to succeed in a sales contest. The prizes? First prize is a Cadillac El Dorado, second prize is a set of steak knives, third prize is the sack! There is no room for losers in this dramatically masculine world; only “closers” will get the good sales leads. There is a lot of pressure to succeed, so a robbery is committed which has unforeseen consequences for all the characters.

Directed by James Foley. Rated R.
USA. 1992. Digital Projection. 100minutes. Color. English.

HANNAH ARENDT – October 1 – 6:30PM

The sublime Barbara Sukowa reteams with director Margarethe von Trotta for her brilliant new biopic of influential German-Jewish philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt. Arendt’s reporting on the 1961 trial of ex-Nazi Adolf Eichmann in The New Yorker-controversial both for her portrayal of Eichmann and the Jewish councils-introduced her now-famous concept of the “Banality of Evil.” This has been one of the Cosford’s most popular films this year and now is a chance to see and discuss the film for free.

Post-Screening Discussion by: Bradford Cokelet, Assistant Professor Department of Philosophy

Directed by Margarethe von Trotta. Unrated.
Germany. 2013. Digital Projection. 109minutes. Color. English and German with English Subtitles.

THE SILVER MIRROR – October 8 – 7:00PM

A Global Documentary film about our changing view on Aging

Shot over three years in 12 countries, THE SILVER MIRROR searches for a universal voice that fearlessly and intimately conveys humanity’s ancient, collective and fundamental struggle with the fragility of the human condition imposed by the inevitability of aging – while also pondering that for the first time in human history, impending scientific surges in the cellular biology of aging will drastically change how we live our lives. THE SILVER MIRROR features many renowned experts such as the University of Miami President Donna Shalala, former Secretary of U.S. Health and Human Services, John Beard of the World Health Organization, Nobel Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn of UCSF, Hal Kendig of Univ. of Sydney, Cynthia Kenyon of UCSF, Thomas Kirkwood of Newcastle Univ. and Leonard Guarente of MIT. The Silver Mirror is narrated and hosted by Tony® and Emmy® Award-winning actress Blythe Danner, with special guest Dr. Maya Angelou and an original film score performed by the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

Post-Screening Discussion by: Ali Habashi: Writer, Director, Producer; Ed Talavera: Director of Photography; Thom Sleeper: Composer/Conductor

Directed by Ali Habashi. Unrated.
USA. 2013. Digital Projection. Color.