A journey of memory, place, and performance, New Town Utopia is a documentary feature about utopian dreams and concrete realities—the challenging, funny, and sometimes tragic story of the British new town of Basildon, Essex. Facing austerity, adversity and personal battles the artists, musicians, and poets of Basildon are individuals driven by their creative spirit to improve their community through art, poetry, music, and some rather angry puppets. New Town Utopia features Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent (Iris, Topsy-Turvy, Moulin Rouge) as the voice of Lewis Silkin MP.

Screening before the film:
In the Park, is a trip to the past. The year, 1962. The subject, an innocent Sunday day in Bay Front Park Park, Miami when the world was still innocent; The hidden camera, the free cinema, allows you to observe from a distance, to be a voyeur without being discovered. We see young and old in a sweet and sour situation, which leaves in the viewer a strange nostalgic feeling.

Part of the Real Utopias Film Series from the Miami-Dade College's Museum of Art and Design

The film series Real Utopias features a selection of documentaries and film essays that examine past and current experiments in our collective search for freedom, equality, and democracy. Real Utopias investigates alternative ways in which urban living has been, and can be, designed, from a call to non-violence (Everyday Rebellion: “democracy is like love, you have to make it”) to architects’ futuristic visions (Paolo Soleri: Citizen of the Planet and Jacque Fresco in Future My Love) to utopian urban experiments of the past (The Experimental City; Soul City, USA; New Town Utopia; Brasilia: Life After Design) to a rare look at a post-capitalist, modern-day utopian Europe (Paths Through Utopia).

Real Utopias accompanies MOAD’s A City of the People series, which will take place at multiple locations throughout Miami from April to December of this year. A City of the People will feature a wide range of art experiences, screenings, readings, and public programs that explore what it means to exist in, and as, an urban community.

The curator of the Real Utopias Film Series is Konstantia Kontaxis, Associate Dean of Research and Director of the Center for Communication, Culture and Change at the University of Miami School of Communication.


Directed by Christopher Ian Smith.
UK. 80minutes. 2k Digital Projection.

Directed by Orlando Jimenez-Leal.
USA. 14minutes. 2k Digital Projection.



  • Thursday, October 10, 2019 - 6:00pm