Twenty-three years after her untimely passing, Selena remains as much of an icon as she was in her lifetime. Her songs, from “Dreaming of You” to “No Me Queda Más,” are endlessly replayed by everyone. Gregory Nava’s SELENA, the biopic that starred Jennifer Lopez in her breakout role as the titular character, remains just as popular. It introduced the singer to audiences who may have not known her and sealed in her legacy in a rather beautiful way. One could argue that Selena (and the woman it memorializes) is a queer classic. There’s fashion, music, drama, romance, and a diva in complete control of her life. Selena is more than just an icon for the Latinx community, but the queer community as well. Her music crossed generational gaps and allowed everyone to see themselves in her music, her vibrant personality, and her down-to-earth lifestyle. The strength of her identity has inspired countless queer people to embrace their own and be the fearless performers of individuals they wish to be. Featuring a post-screening performance by Mami Cojones & Kunst. Presented on 35mm.


Directed by Gregory Nava.
USA. 127minutes. 35mm Film.



  • Sunday, March 25, 2018 - 8:00pm